Avatar in Training – Follow-Up Information

The “Avatar in Training” program this morning was phenominal.   Thank you to everyone that attended and participated!

As promised, below is the follow-up information for the program:

SLIDESHOW:  http://bit.ly/9K4aID

SL EDUCATION WIKI:  http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=Second_Life_Education_Wiki

LOCATIONS DISCUSSED:  (The SLURL will direct you to a website that will allow you to teleport to the location in Second Life.  If you do not have an account with Second Life, you cannot use the SLURL.)

Vassar College:

Bowling Green:

Ohio State – Women’s Studies:

St. John’s College:

Sprott-Shaw College:

Rockcliffe University:


Virtual Hallucinations:

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum:

David Rumsey Maps:

Check back.  I will be posting more information that we did not get to in the session.  This information should be here by Monday.

Enjoy Exploring!


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