Being a Trainer: What Do I Need to Know?

On Friday, December 13, 2013, I was asked to speak at Staff Day for the Euclid Public Library.  As a follow-up to that presentation, below are notes about the discussion that took place.  The notes are from my memory, so if you have anything to add, please comment.


  • Materials (Handouts, PowerPoint Presentations, etc.):  Use color and make them fun!
  • “The Dance”:  Prepare the flow of the class such as questions to ask and samples to use.
  • Environment:  Add color and make it fun!
  • You:  Wear comfortable clothes that you feel good in.  Add colors!
  • Greet Students:  Greet your students outside the door and introduce yourself.
  • Music:  Have music playing in the room.  Walking into a quiet room can unsettle people.
  • Contacting Students:  If able, contact students ahead of time and tell them what to expect (where class is located, any obstacles (traffic/construction), what to bring, etc.).  A pre-class survey could also be given to assess knowledge or gather some information before class.


  • Relax:  You know more!
  • Parking Lot:  Create a Parking Lot for questions
  • Time:  Start on Time/End on Time
  • Knowledge Levels:  Incorporate attendees with higher levels of knowledge by asking questions rather than just spewing out information.
  • Staff Safety:  If you are concerned about safety make sure windows are open for visibility and stand outside the door as attendees exit.
  • Seniors:  Speak loudly and make print on screen and in handouts larger.
  • Vary Activities:  Vary activities to different learning styles:  Auditory, Visual, and Hands-On Learners.
  • Fun:  Classroom laughter is one of the best tools in the classroom – it adds fun and creates rapport.  Incorporate games into learning.  Oh, and give out CHOCOLATE – a great way to encourage participation.

Post Activities

  • Summarize:  Let attendees put together the summarization.
  • Job Aids:  Pass out job aids that can be posted for quick reference.
  • Survey:  Survey attendees on the classroom experience.
  • Follow Up:  Use Emails, Blogs, or Wikis to give additional information and/or start a conversation.

Additional Materials

Training Tips from the Trainer’s Warehouse (The pink handout from the end of the session.):

Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers:

The Spice Rack (Great training tips.  Scroll down for the menu.): (There is a charge for information.)




Martini in the Morning:


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